John Kotz

Mobile Developer


Since winter term of 2016, I have been working in a lab at Dartmouth called the DALI lab (The Digital Arts, Leadership, and Innovation Lab) in which I work on a variety of projects for various DALI lab partners.


BookUp was a project I worked on during Winter of 2016. More info on my BookUp page.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt was a project brought to the lab by a Dartmouth alum who really enjoyed writing treasure and scavenger hunts for her friends, and wanted the process to be easier and more crowd sourced. Thus the project was an iOS app that presented these sort of hunts to users to complete, and of course an interface for everyday people to write clues and hunts for other people.


I worked on an iOS app that will encourage people to exercise by partnering users with other people over the app and have them compete in what ends up being much like a game. The intention is to make exercising easier to justify, so people do activities to win a game rather than to lose weight or get fit, as the latter can be difficult to get motivated for.

DALI Lab App

An app of my own design, management, and development now used by members to get access to information about upcoming events, see who is in the lab, and even vote for DALI events. Staff can also use the data generated by users to better understand the usage of data and in lab features


A server (expected finish: September 2018) that will consolidate all data generated, stored, accessed, entered, or extrapolated about DALI projects, members, parteners, and investors.