John Kotz

Mobile Developer


Throughout my coding carreer I have worked on many different platforms in many differeny languages for a number of harware and software types. I made iOS apps, developed websites, and wrote scripts and command-line applications.


I have taken a number of CS classes at Dartmouth. These include CS 1 (in Python), CS 10 (in Java), CS 30 (discrete math), CS 24 (digital animation) and CS 50 (in Bash, C & Linux). For my final project in CS50 (aka CS23) my team of three wrote around 5100 lines of code in C making a UDP game server, and two distinct clients for it.

Hardware and software

I have a lot of experience with Apple hardware and and their operating systems. I spent a whole summer fixing Macs for poeple in my neighborhood. Just this last summer (2016) I built a Hackintosh, or a computer built from non Mac hardware that runs Mac OS, which now runs very well (Intel i7 4.0 GHz quad core CPU, GTX 970 GPU, 16 GB RAM, Gigabyte Motherboard).

I also have some experience with Microsoft hardware, although not as much as for Mac. I helped the DALI Lab build a computer running Windows 10 last Spring (2016) that was really impressive and is now used for Virtual Reality development, and subsiquenty built my own computer and another for the DALI lab (a project called Planelope).

I have experience working with spreadsheet softwares, especially Excel, mostly focused in large data manipulation, calculation, and programming.

Known Languages


Swift, Objective C, C, and React-Native


HTML, CSS, Javascript, React


Bash, C, Python

Source Control

Git, SVN


Swift (Mac OS, Watch OS)