John Kotz

Mobile Developer


In the Fall term of 2017 I and two other DALI lab members started and executed a computer building project with a very interesting twist: the computer was to be built on a wall. In one of those random and innovative conversations people in the lab find themselves in all the time we questioned the idea of enclosing all the hardware of a computer in a box where nobody could see and understand how it works. The question was this: Why not display he parts in a way that people could learn how it works with just a glance? The response: We could build a computer on a wall, making the parts accessible to the observer without taking up much space. We planned out the build: A liquid cooling system so the cooling system could be disconnected from the motherboard, a cable to connect the graphics card to the motherboard, and lots of LEDs to make it look awesome! The project was called "Planelope", since it was a planar computer.

The build is here if you would like to see the particular parts we used

The result was a planar computer with a 4.2 GHz Quad-core CPU, GTX 1080 GPU, 16 GB DDR4 RAM. I got a bunch of lab members together who had never built a computer before and walked them through building it peice by peice, instructing them on the meaning, use, and design of each part (what it does, why it is created the way that it is, etc.). The photos of the computer can be found below: