John Kotz

Mobile Developer

Valley Quest

Valley Quest is an app I have been working on since Fall 2015 for a local non-profit called Vital Communities. The people there, along with a number of local community members, have been writing what they call quests since 2006. These "quests" are very similar to geocaching, in that people are led through a journey to a treasure box, but it is somewhat old-school, as it uses text clues rather than GPS coordinates. This style has attracted many of the residents of the Upper Valley so far, and the app intends to improve the system.

The app uses a simple interface to present a list of all the quests Valley Quest has to offer in addition to a detailed set of information about each one. Along with the actual PDF of the quest, the data for each includes the start location, driving direction, descriptions, difficulty, duration, and much more. As we start generating more data about the locations of each quest the app will offer a list of quests nearby in order of distance.